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"I do not want to let go any moment of my life without seeing or hearing something beautiful. Although I sometimes fail trying to give each day a chance to be the most beautiful"
In the words of an old caver

Speleology (spéléologie, fr.) is the exploration and study of complex caves.
The word is of Greek origin: spelaion = cave, logos = science. It is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary science, bringing together knowledge from the fields of geology (mineralogy, sedimentology, paleontology), geography (hydrology, climatology, geomorphology), biology (Biospeleological, Chiropterology, ecology), topography, art (photography, drawing).

The father of speleology is the French Edouard-Alfred Martel, between 1888 and 1914 he leads several research expeditions to caves. In Romania, caving is older than 90 years, Emil Racovita setting up The Institute of Speleology in Cluj - the first in the world.

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